Monday, July 30, 2012

LA - Vintage Rampage and A Folk Art Fantasy Come True

If you're gonna do brunch, don't mess around. Shana took me to Canele, a spot voted as the best brunch spot by LA Weekly, bon appetit, and countless foodies. Lucky for us, it was in Shana's hood and we got there early enough to snag a seat. We were joined again by Chelsea and sat down to one of the most decadently delicious spreads I've ever enjoyed. We decided to split several dishes off their brunch menu: a braised leeks/bacon/fried egg sandwich, a creamy burrata salad, a shrimp 'n' grits special, and a baked pancake with meyer lemon custard. Portions were generous, rich in flavor, and produced a chorus of mmmmmm's with every bite. Towards the end of the feast, we were joined by Shana's old roommate Robbie and there was still plenty of food to go around. I think I'm still full from this meal!
Shana and Chelsea at Canele
Shana and Robbie
Our next stop was a dream come true for me. Ever since I've discovered outsider and folk art, I've obsessed over the Watts Towers. I've spent hours poring over photographs of the other worldly structure in my favorite coffee table books and even took a mosaic class inspired by Simon Rodia's creation. I almost jumped out of my skin as we approached the visitor's center and the pointed tops came into view over the horizon. We took a half hour guided tour and I frantically took as many pictures as I could of every nook and cranny. My only wish was that I could have walked around the structure longer, but I understand why they limit accessibility to this delicate treasure. What meant the world to me was that I could share this experience with my sis. This will have me smiling from ear to ear for a long time. Click here to see a slideshow of my Watts Towers trip.
Watts Towers
sis bliss
We followed the Watts wonderment with a trip to the Melrose Trading Post, a weekly Sunday vintage market on the grounds of the Fairfax High School. We split up and pointed our radars in different directions. Shana was again looking for unique finds for her Etsy shop and I was on the hunt for vintage dresses.

the huntress
Melrose Trading Post
It's yesterday once more.
I was happy to see tons of clothing vendors there but one stood out from the get go. Mariana De Sousa of We Kill for Fashion had a giant tent filled to brim with pattern, texture, and color galore. I headed straight for the short 1960's dresses and had a ton to choose from. In the end I found a happy floral number in cotton. Once I tried it on, I decided to ditch my other outfit in a bag and wear this for the rest of the day. It just so happened that my Bakelite earrings matched perfectly so I felt comfy and coordinated from head to toe. Visit Mariana online or at her next show and I guarantee you will find something fab.
Mariana De Sousa
We Kill for Fashion
come on get happy
Right before the closing of the market, I came across another vintage clothing vendor. As I quickly thumbed through the racks, I hit the brakes on when I saw a label that always makes me excited: The Vested Gentress. I own two other quirky dresses from this 1960's brand that is know for their whimsical hand screen printed patterns. And wouldn't ya know it, it was in my size too! How could I say no to a pristine lemon dress with ruffly pocket? Dan Sanovick of Possession Vintage was very reasonable and as I got talking to him we realized that we've both spent time in Vaxjo Sweden - Dan with his band Hammered Satin, and me as an exchange student. Dan not only sells at the Melrose Trading Post, but he also has a storefront. Visit his website to see a great sampling of what he has to offer or visit him on Sundays at Melrose.
Dan of Possession Vintage
lemony fresh
A filling home cooked meal and memories of an incredible day sent me to bed with visions of towers and dresses dancing in my head. I can't believe tomorrow is my last day in LA!

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