Thursday, July 26, 2012

LA - Reunited and Styling 101 with Shana

20 years. It's been at least 20 years since my sister Shana and I have hung out by ourselves and that's too long if you ask me. Since my family moved out west in '92, our visits have been sporadic, rushed, and peppered with the usual family drama. For the first time we have alone time to catch up and enjoy each others company.
Reunited and it feels so good.
On Tuesday, my flight out was "slightly" detoured by poor planning and a rerouting. All I have to say is thank goodness for a very understanding husband, a side adventure to keep me distracted, and Chinese pastries.I was thrilled when my sis picked me up from LAX after a long day. We started gabbing right away and didn't stop until we both passed out for the night. 
distraction #1 - A prize if you can guess where we went.
distraction #2
Shana had a trunk full of goods to ship from her Etsy shop, so we started the day dropping off piles o' packages at the post office. A postal worker asked if we were twins which threw us for a little loop since we have a 5 year difference. After that we went to brunch at Square One for veggie omelets, one huge hunk of bacon, and grits. Right across the street loomed the Scientology campus with its color coded, khaki-wearing worker bees cleaning the grounds outside. Don't worry, I didn't drink the Kool Aid. 
Next we went to Western Costume Company to pick up some gear for an exercise infomercial. Shana was hired as the stylist so I got to tag along as her assistant for the day. On the shopping list for stop #1: a maid's uniform and a fat suit. I got to see my sis in her element as she busily pulled from the racks and took pictures of different outfit combinations. I was in awe of the warehouse filled to the brim with clothing and accessories from every era. My favorite section was the fat padding area. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it right next to the wings section. Life is all about balance. After leaving Western Costume Company, we zoomed off to a variety of retail shops for some frumpy "before" clothes, jewelry, a tie, and work out clothes. 
Shana's got style.
Western Costume
stuff it
caps for sales
maid for this
extra muffin stuffin'
A break for lunch and a trip to a craft shop for cotton batting (more cushion for the "before shot" pushing) kept us busy before running a few more chores. The night ended up a delish home cooked meal ala Shana. It was a busy but perfect start to my sisterly LA adventures!
chef Shana
While Shana is off at the infomercial shoot tomorrow, I plan on exploring some museums. I can't wait to see what Thursday brings!

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  1. Lovely blog Mei-Ling! You should definitely check out the LACMA and the Craft & Folk Art Museum. oh and the Hammer Made in LA show. Wish I were in town to be your tour guide! Have fun! xx