Friday, July 19, 2013

On the Road - The Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA

Bee-you-tee-full. You really couldn't have asked for better weather this past Saturday at the Greenway Open Market. The temps lingered in the 80's and there was the perfect amount of sun. It welcomed in waves of tourists and locals who were out for a full day of artisan shopping, local food trucks, and site seeing.
Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese and Kickass Cupcakes at the Greenway Open Market
The Greenway Open Market
Walk into Tracy Levesque's tent and you will be transported into a world of rich color, bold lines, and vibrant landscapes. This Greenway and SoWa regular offers beautiful original paintings, prints, and cards. Tracy grew up surrounded by the rural landscapes of the Berkshires and her passion for nature is reflected in her paintings. The stunning colors and well-defined lines of her moon paintings, and gnarled tree landscapes are reminiscent of stained glass. We chatted about our love of birch trees and I was happy to see that they are a repeated theme in Tracy's work. One of my favorite pieces of hers was Poppies in Field. The rolling flowered fields with vivid reds and greens was inspired by a friend's photo taken on a European vacation. To find the perfect painting for your home, swing by Tracy's website or visit her studio in Lowell. Make sure to like Tracy Levesque Fine Arts on Facebook to get updates and see new work.
Tracy Levesque Fine Art - Landscape, Botanical, and Portrait Paintings
Poppies in Field by Tracy Levesque
smaller format original paintings
gorgeous original landscape paintings by Tracy Levesque
I've been a busy bee since school has let out and have turned out dozens of new pieces, including  brass drawer pull necklaces, protractor necklaces, and tin car necklaces. It's always a pleasure sharing them for the first time at a show.
new figural brooch and brass drawer pull necklaces
new protractor necklaces
tin car necklaces
There were many fabulous visitors to the Greenway and some lucky customers went home with new Twitch and Whiskers pieces, including vintage magnet necklaces, blinking doll eye necklaces, Fun 'n' Games rings, and pinback button necklaces.
A beauty in a bee magnet necklace
Eye-catching in a blinking doll eye and rhinestone necklace
I will be back at the Greenway for two more shows. I'm already making new gems for the upcoming dates. Follow Twitch and Whiskers on Facebook to get sneak peeks and visit my Etsy shop for new pieces. 

Here is where you can find me the rest of the summer. The fall/winter calendar is starting to take shape. Stay tuned!

July 27, August 3 - Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA
August 24 - Picnic Music and Arts Festival - Portland, ME 

Twitch and Whiskers is now offered at these fine shops:
Copper and Birch - South Windsor, CT
Save Your Scissors Salon - Bethel, CT
Refinery - Northampton, MA - Opening on August 1st!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On the Road - The Greenway Open Market and a Special Visitor - Boston, MA

School is out, the sun is shinin', and it's officially summer. What better way to celebrate the season than to be at the Greenway Open Market in Boston? This past Saturday, Twitch and Whiskers was set up in the bustling Wharf District where tourists and locals were out in full force. It was the perfect day to shop handmade.
The Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA
When elegant shapes blend effortlessly with beautiful color, the results can be absolutely stunning.  Heather Wang of Heather Wang Jewelry has found a way to combine these elements into her line of nature-inspired jewelry. I really enjoyed spending the day next to her at the Greenway. This highly-skilled graduate of RISD and the Royal College of Art in London worked in costume jewelry and flute design before striking out on her own. You can't help but smile when you see Heather's Cherry Blossom earrings with delicate petals and vibrant enameled detail. It's Heather's lovely color combinations that make her flowers stand out from others. I was really drawn to her new Cherry Blossom pendants adorned with gracefully swaying buds. Heather is also known for her custom work. You should really check out her online gallery of engagement and wedding rings, including a unique custom pine cone engagement ring. Visit Heather Wang Jewelry online and on Facebook to explore her beautiful world.
Heather Wang of Heather Wang Jewelry
New Cherry Blossom necklace collection
Cherry Blossom earrings
Blooming Branches
On display at the Twitch and Whiskers tent were piles of Fun 'n' Games rings. It's always fun to have visitors guess which games the pieces were sourced from. I also offered a fresh new batch of new protractor necklaces.  
Fun 'n' Games rings
new protractor necklaces
I met so many lovely people from all over. Many necklaces went home with happy customers. One gal loved the hot dog Thimblism necklaces so much that she bought my last two. When she got home, she converted them into whimsical earrings. Hot diggity!
A bicycle headbadge built for one (on a bike!).
The Queen's Guard - bicycle head badge necklace
Looking savvy in a salve tin!
You Have Got Some Gall - vintage salve tin locket
Thimblism earrings - doggone cute!
A few other favorites also went to good homes.
Honey and Sonny Bread - pinback button necklace
An Original - pinback button necklace
Horse Feathers - powder tin locket
I've saved the absolute best for last. Last September, I was set up at Jamaica Plain Open Studios in Massachusetts. A wonderful mom named Erin and her son Jack came to visit my booth and spent a while exploring my jewelry. I learned Jack also loved to repurpose things and had an interest in jewelry making. Many months, later Jack had saved up for a rouge compact locket in my Etsy shop. I sent him a special care package filled with some of my favorite supplies along with his the necklace. When this dynamic duo visited me at the Greenway, Jack shared with me the necklace he made with the bag o' parts I sent him. I was so impressed by his clever compass locket!
 Erin and Jack
Jack's two-in-one necklace with removable lid and compass.
Jack also shared with me his autobiography that he wrote at the end of the school year. I was so touched to see that he wrote a chapter about our meet up and the care package. It absolutely made my day!
Kickin' up my heels!
Lovely words...and handwriting!
Something tells me that Jack and I are going to be friends for a good long time. I can't wait to see what he makes next. Who knows...maybe in the not to distant future, you will see Jack's creations at a show!
My new jewelry buddy Jack.
Thanks to a lot of great customers, and some very special visitors, this was a very memorable day at the Greenway.

I'll be back at the Greenway again soon:

July 13, July 27, August 3 - Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA
August 24 - Picnic Music and Arts Festival - Portland, ME 

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Monday, July 1, 2013

On the Road - Smith Street Funday Sunday

Once a year Smith Street comes alive with eight blocks-worth of handmade wares, unique merchandise, street food, and live music during Smith Street Funday Sunday. Twitch and Whiskers was thrilled to be a part of this street fair for the third year in a row. 
Smith Street Sunday Funday 2013
Bustlin' BOCOCA
I was a lucky duck to be next to the clever Courtney Church of Periodically Inspired. This Rhode Island native treats the periodic table like her personal Scrabble board and turns out geek-chic clothing and housewares with sly phrases using letters from each element. At the show, her "Baby Genius" onesies were big crowd-pleasers with the new parents and folks looking for the perfect, unique baby gift. My favorite Periodically Inspired items were the "Talk Nerdy to Me" pint glasses and t-shirts. Speaking of t-shirts, here's some very exciting news: Periodically Inspired t-shirts are now offered on the Big Bang Theory Web Store! How's that for the ultimate geek stamp of approval? Visit Periodically Inspired's website, Etsy shop, and Facebook page to see Courtney's fabulous wares and events calendar.
Courtney Church of Periodically Inspired
Oh baby, you're lookin' smart.
I'll drink to that!
I love it when life puts new and interesting people in your path. Midway through the day, a creative gal named Suzanne Bagdade visited my booth. She was really interested in my jewelry and the materials I used to make them. Suzanne also makes handmade wares and has a shop on Smith Street just a few steps away. I dashed over and the moment I stepped into Refinery, I was absolutely enamored with the place. Suzanne started creating durable and artful handmade bags in 1997. This evolved into her shop on Smith Street, which now carries her line of gorgeous bags and pillows, work from local artists, fabulous footwear, and treasures from around the world. On August 1st, Suzanne will be opening a second Refinery shop in Northampton, MA at Thornes Marketplace. And guess which jewelry she'll be carrying...Twitch and Whiskers! Suzanne left with a bunch of necklaces for her new shop and I took home an adorable reused wire ring and happy red Salt Water sandals from her shop. How's that for a win-win situation? Visit Refinery online and swing by one of their two shops for an unforgettable shopping experience.
Ava and Suzanne of Refinery in Brooklyn
Reused wire rings
Recently, my dime store dreams came true when I acquired a whole fleet of vintage tin cars. After much tinkering and experimenting, I created eight new colorful necklaces. I was excited to debut the new pieces on Smith Street.
Pride Ride - tin car necklace
fun tin car necklaces
I got not one, not one, not two, not three, but four surprise visitors 'neath my tent on Sunday. My friend Mary (who interned/student taught at my school) swung by with the adorable Sean - a boy she nannies. He's moving with his family back to France very soon so they picked out a special celebratory gift for his mom. Sean chose a pretty pink locket necklace made out of a vintage Photo Finish rouge compact. Word on the street was that the gift was a big hit! Local CT legend Wendy (yes, THE Wendy of Molten Java) came by with Lauren to brighten up my day. They had the brilliant suggestion of installing a disco ball in my tent. Break out the mirrors!
Mary and Sean find the perfect gift.
rouge lockets
Wendy and Lauren - oh the cuteness!
The "Fun 'n' Games" rings made from wooden nickels and vintage game pieces were a big hit on Smith Street. Customers walked away with pawns, dice, and tiny plastic houses on their fingers.
Fun 'n' Games rings
Three little houses = one cute look!
By the end of the show, a fun variety of necklaces went home with folks including some tin car necklaces and vintage pinback button necklaces.
Taxi! She's ready to stop traffic.
Lookin' pretty in a vintage pinback button necklace with bead chain.
I had a wonderful time at Smith Street Sunday Funday and thank everyone who came out to show their support.

Here is where you can find me this summer:

July 13, July 27, August 3 - Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA
August 24 - Picnic Music and Arts Festival - Portland, ME 

Swing by a show, visit my Etsy shop, and like Twitch and Whiskers on Facebook for updates.