Thursday, October 4, 2012

On the Road - Jamaica Plain Open Studios

What's the best way to welcome in the first glorious fall weekend? In my opinion, it's walking through streets filled with art, artisans, and open studios. Jamaica Plains Open Studios offered all of that and more and I was proud to be a part of it.
the perfect fall day a JPOS
This two day event took place in one of the most art-friendly communities I've ever visited. Free maps were available all over JP, pinpointing over 50 locations where you could meet and mingle with tons of artists and have the chance to purchase incredible handmade wares. I was located at the Brewery - the Samuel Adams Brewery to be exact. In the courtyard you could find ceramics, photography, prints, paintings, mixed media pieces, fiber arts, sculptures, and of course jewelry. People were drawn to this happenin' location not only for the arts, but also for the beer tours, studios located adjacent to the brewery, live music, and  local hot spot Ula Cafe.
The Samuel Adams Brewery
live music at the brewery
What's round, and elegant, and has wings? Why, it's Caroline Golden's gorgeous bird earrings. I was conveniently situated across from the C.E. Golden booth and was totally mesmerized by Caroline's earrings all weekend. Upon closer look at her jewelry, I found even more to love including delicately hand pierced silver pendants with birds on a wire and trees, and earrings that integrate vintage Bakelite elements. Caroline offers the perfect blend of a modern and vintage aesthetic. I was thrilled to find out that I would see her again at Twist in November. Discover the lovely world of C.E. Golden by visiting their website and Etsy shop. You too will be mesmerized!
Caroline of C.E. Golden
earrings - Bakelite YES!
hand punched silver pendants
vintage inspired lovelies
Nothing beats having a great neighbor at a show and I really lucked out at JPOS. Karen Mahoney of City by the Sea Ceramics was a delight to hang out with for the weekend. Karen's ceramics are influenced by Asian design and you can see it in her elegant shapes. Simple, yet well-crafted elements such as mug handles that curve around your fingers, and cozy rope textures on surfaces make her pieces artful yet accessible. You can easily picture her ceramics gracing the table of any home and becoming old favorites. I loved Karen's whimsical yarn bowls with swirling cut outs. They would make the perfect gift for the knitter or crocheter in your life. Check out City By the Sea's website and Etsy page for a wonderful array handcrafted pieces.
Karen of City by the Sea Ceramics
How cool is the yarn bowl?
mugs galore
tea pot and mug
I loved the vibe at JPOS and met so many interesting people at my booth. I got the feeling that the community highly anticipates and supports the event each year. I had a chance to display a large collection of new necklaces upcycled out of vintage pinback buttons and plastic buckles. I have been deconstructing old plastic, lucite, celluloid, and Bakelite necklaces for their beads and making chunky, colorful bead chains with the vibrant pieces. Customers left with a variety of pieces including lockets, Thimblism necklaces, Fun 'n' Games rings, REcap bracelets, and the new pinback button necklaces. I especially enjoyed seeing so many families strolling about and meeting many artists from the area.
Twitch and Whiskers at Jamaica Plains Open Studios
seein' stars
new vintage button pin and buckle necklaces
a customer lookin' pretty in a Thimblism necklace (and matching my sign!)
looking lovely in a vintage Shredded Wheat button pin necklace
an adorable family with a new Thimblism necklace
a 3 year old beauty sporting a Fun 'n' Games ring
My ONLY regret about JPOS was that I didn't get to walk around town and take in the sights myself. Looks like I will have to bring a helper next year so I can peruse all that is wonderful in Jamaica Plain. What a fabulous show!

Here is where you can find me in the months to come. 

October 6 - Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA
October 13 - Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA

November 2 & 3 - Twist - Northampton, MA
November 10 - The Park School - Brookline Marketplace -  Brookline, MA
November 11 - Craftopia - Providence, RI

December 8 & 9 - SoWa Holiday Market - Boston, MA

*more shows may be added soon

You can find Twitch and Whiskers baubles at the following stores:

Craftland (Nov. and Dec. holiday show) - Providence, RI
Vudu Micia - New Milford, CT
English Apothecary - Bethel, CT
Aquvii - Tokyo, Japan (if you're in the area!)

You can find a small sampling of what I have available in my Etsy shop. Feel free to email me if you would like something special. I do custom orders!

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