Saturday, June 22, 2013

On the Road - Arts Fest Beverly - MA

A gorgeous day, a street lined with talented artists, delicious food, and tons of visitors. These are the perfect ingredients for a springtime street festival. This past Saturday was my second time participating in Arts Fest Beverly in Massachusetts and I enjoyed the event from beginning to end.
Arts Fest Beverly 2013 - Beverly, MA
A gorgeous day with a big crowd
One of the best parts of doing a show is seeing friends. I had a late drive into Beverly on Friday night and was welcomed by warm hospitality, yummy desserts, and great conversation from the one and only Jen Gubicza of Zooguu. It was great seeing her new dinosaurs in a variety of sizes and colors. Her little spikey stegosaurus was my fave. Abby Berkson of Abby Berkson Ceramics was there with her husband Erik. Speaking of dinosaurs, she had new adorable mugs with two entwined, in love brontosauruses. Carrie Wagner of SepiaLepus was there with her husband Jim and dog Franny. She hopped up and greeted me with doggy kisses (Franny, not Carrie). I adore her new hand painted, woodcut narwhale with unicorn pilot. Just click here, and you'll see what I mean!
Jen Gubicza of Zooguu
Abby Berkson and husband Erik from Abby Berkson Ceramics
Carrie Wagner of SepiaLepus with husband Jim and dog Franny
I enjoyed seeing customers, both old and new, at Arts Fest Beverly. I was pleasantly surprised to meet a bunch of ladies who also collected Bakelite and Lea Stein jewelry. I could talk vintage plastic for hours! By the end of the day, a nice variety of pieces went hope with shoppers, including pinback button necklaces, blinking eyeball necklaces, lockets, and Fun 'n' Games rings. 
Twitch and Whiskers at Arts Fest Beverly
Sparkling in citrus
Florida Citrus Ski Show necklace
Eye-catchin' beauty
I Only Have Eye for You - blinking doll eye necklace
Dinorific dahling!
Doggone cute in a Fun 'n' Games ring.
Looking lovely in a Paris-themed locket.
Red Hot Mama went to a red hot mama.
I was wearing a protractor necklace with a creepin' brassy centipede and colorful plastic bubbles. Before long, It crawled right off of me and onto the neck of a happy customer.
The centipede crawled from one gal...
to another!
Thanks to the organizers of Arts Fest Beverly for a fabulous event and to all the visitors who came out and showed their love.

Let the summer begin! This weekend you can catch me in Brooklyn. Here is my upcoming schedule. 

June 23 - Smith Street Sunday Funday - Brooklyn, NY
June 29, July 13, July 27, August 3 - Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA
August 24 - Picnic Music and Arts Festival - Portland, ME 
Swing by a show, visit my Etsy shop, and like Twitch and Whiskers on Facebook for updates.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the Road - The Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA

Six months is an awfully long time to be away from a place that you adore. That's how long it had been since I last had a show in Boston. The yearning to be back in Beantown took the edge off the early morning drive in from Connecticut. The Rings Fountain playfully welcomed Thom and me to the Greenway Open Market this past Saturday. It was hot, hot, hot out but it didn't stop us from enjoying the glorious Wharf District.

The Greenway Open Market in Boston

Cool down in the fountain.
I love learning about the life paths that guide people toward the arts. Amy Casher of Amy Casher Designs had her interest in jewelry sparked at an arts camp in her teenage years. This lead to many years of metalsmithing classes, a life in the non-profit world, and eventually a professional career as a jewelry designer. Her first studio was deep in the woods of New Hampshire surrounded by the great outdoors. She has since migrated to studio in the South End of Boston. Amy's organic, yet urban jewelry effortlessly blends together these two worlds. I have always been a fan of her striking Moonflower line with bold bursts. These beauties were recently featured in American Craft Magazine. Her Seaweed Globe rings are real show-stoppers and her Falling Water necklaces with whimsical lines can be worn in several different configurations. Explore Amy's world by visiting her website and FB page. See her gorgeous jewelry this weekend (June 8th) at the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival.
Amy Casher of Amy Casher Designs

Make a statement with Moonflower jewelry.

Dramatic Seaweed Globe rings.
Whimsical lines make for stunning necklaces.

Beth Rosa, the clever gal behind Pink Pigeon Creations, knows a thing or two about fanciful form and function. Beth has a background in graphic design and IT and is now a busy mom by day and sewer by night. Necessity is the mother of invention and Beth is the perfect example of that. Beth's son dreaded drying off after bathtime, so she created adorable hooded towels with creature features to make it a fun task. Similarly, when a friend couldn't find matching mother-daughter aprons, Beth jumped to the rescue with an adorable matching set. Pink Pigeon really stands out with their incredible fabric choices and vibrant colors. The patterned Wet Bags with waterproof linings are both versatile and stylish with many pattern options. Visit Pink Pigeon Creations' website, Facebook page, and Etsy shop to see their full array of reusable, eco-friendly products. Catch Beth at the Greenway Open Market and SoWa Open Market throughout the summer.

Beth Rosa of Pink Pigeon Creations
A perfect pattern for every person.
These hooded terrycloth towels add adventure to bath time!

Animal prints on parade. I adore the raccoons!
The sunny day brought waves of tourists and locals to the Greenway. For the first time, I showcased my pinback button necklaces by theme. I displayed one collection made out of 1940's and 1950's novelty pins and another assortment that used food-themed pinback buttons. Because of the kitschy imagery and unusual slogans they are some of my favorite materials to seek out. The highlight of my day was finding the perfect person for my newest statement necklace. Jen Gubicza of Zooguu looked incredible wearing the "Expressway to Your Heart" necklace. It was assembled from 1960's tin Japanese cars and vintage Lucite beads. It will be traded for a custom made Zooguu plush toy. I can't wait to share my Zooguu critter with you soon!

Twitch and Whiskers at the Greenway Open Market

Necklaces made out of novelty pins from the 40's and 50's.

Jen Gubicza of Zooguu ready to stop traffic in "Expressway to Your Heart."
Let the show season begin! Here are my upcoming spring/summer craft shows. Come by and say hello!

June 15 - Arts Fest Beverly - Beverly, MA
June 23 - Smith Street Funday Sunday - Brooklyn, NY
June 29 -
Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA 

July 13 - Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA
July 27 -
Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA 

August 3 - Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA

August 24 - Picnic Music + Arts Festival - Portland, ME 

More dates to come! Like Twitch and Whiskers on Facebook to see new pieces, learn about promos, and check out what we have to offer on Etsy.