Sunday, July 29, 2012

LA - Markets, Museum, Music

My sister is such a trooper. After several hectic days and nights, she still managed to muster up the energy to get up early for a swap meet. Before shopping, we walked across street from her bungalow to the most charming little shop I've ever seen called Broome St. General Store. Though we were just going for coffee and a light snack, I was instantly drawn to all the housewares, clothes, skin care lines, and unique gifts cleverly tucked away on their colorful shelves. And the food...oh the food! They feature local artisan breads, sandwiches, soups, snacks, and the cutest old fashioned candy counter. We noshed on a warm from the oven bacon and fig scone. Owners Sophie Esteban and Peter Graham are just as sweet as their shop. I wish I could pack up it up and take it with me back to east coast!
Peter and Sophie of Broome St. General Store
good goods
how sweet it is
We headed off to the LACC Swap Meet for some treasure hunting. The market offered a wide variety of used clothes, electronics, toys, housewares, and you-name-it. Shana found a few choice pieces for her Etsy shop and I scored a nice vintage bangle.
wheelin' it
fresh grapes
not so fresh grapes
diggin' for treasures
Afterwards, we headed to the Silver Lake Farmers' Market to meet up with some of Shana's pals. This market had fresh produce, vintage wares, handmade goods, and a nice variety of lunch stands. We fueled up on some savory veggie and chicken crepes from the Yummy Crepe Stand and lunched with her friends Ronda, Bryan, and Adreanne on outdoor benches. 
Silver Lake Farmers' Market
After eating, I bee lined it towards the vintage clothing vendors. All morning, my thrift store dress I had been wearing had been unbuttoning because the button holes were too big. It was the perfect excuse to treat myself to a new vintage dress. I found an easy, breezy, and Brady-chic flowered 1960's dress from Sears. It came from a wonderful vendor named Francesca Roth of My Grandma's Closet.  Francesca sells online, on the road, and at pop up shops around LA. I adored her fun prints and colorful racks of choice dresses. She was very sweet and you should definitely swing by and say hi to her next time you're at the market. Shana, her friends, and I walked over to Cliffs Edge for a quick drink and then headed our separate ways.
Francesco of My Grandma's Closet
once, twice, three times a Brady
Ronda, Bryan, and Adreanne at Cliff's Edge
The Getty Museum was one of places on the top of my list to visit because the last time I went, I felt like I didn't have nearly enough time to walk the gorgeous grounds and check out the exhibits the last time I was there. Saturday was the perfect night to go because Nick Waterhouse and the Tarots were playing a free evening concert at the Getty. Shana's close friend Shannon happens to be Nick's main squeeze, so our plan was to meet her and her friends at the concert as well. Once we arrived on the tram, we headed straight for the Herb Ritts exhibit. Shana and I loved revisiting his iconic 1990's imagery through photographs, commercials, print ads, and music videos.
The Getty
puttin' on the Ritts
As soon as we left the exhibit, we headed toward the outdoor stage to meet up with Shana's friends. It was a beautiful night out and the area was packed with people to check out the show. Nick and the Tarot's performance was the perfect blend of 1950's R & B with his own savvy style. Nick's guitar playing was so tight and his band really got the crowd moving. After a great night of music, we headed over to the Klimt exhibit to see a comprehensive collection of his line drawings. The elegance, simplicity and yet complexity of his figure drawings were breath taking. It was great to see how his subtle lines conveyed such emotion and meaning in each study.
Leila, Shannon's friend, Shannon, and Shana
Nick Waterhouse and the Tarots
sis bliss

The evening ended with a tram ride that overlooked nighttime LA, fish tacos close to home, and hittin' the pillows hard. Let's see if Sunday can top this one.

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