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On the Road - The Greenway Open Market & SoWa Open Market - Boston

With my summer teaching gig over, and lots of vacation still ahead of me, I was excited to get back into the swing of shows again. This was my second "double Boston weekend" of the summer and I was looking forward to returning to the Greenway Open Market and SoWa with my friend Grace Napoleon of Folk Couture. We packed her vehicle tighter than a clown car with two displays worth of gear and drove off to stay with her daughter Siena in Cambridge. We had a smooth drive up and a relaxing night before the Greenway.
and not an inch to spare
The Greenway Open Market
The humid New England day didn't keep locals and tourists from walking about the Greenway. We were welcomed by a mist surrounding the Rings Fountain and hoards of children dodging in and out of the sprays of water. As always, it was fun chatting the day away with Grace and watching her sew new creations on the spot. It was a busy day for Grace and folks from all over discovered her handmade OOAK apparel. I love the wow-moments when ladies walked out of her dressing room looking like the outfit was made just for them. An adorable party dress with crinoline and lovely shades of blue and green went home with a happy customer from Wyoming. Many stylish gals left the Greenway with a treasure from Grace's tent.
sew busy
The colors of Folk Couture
 wonderful and Wyoming bound
Grace introduced me to her friend Betsy Baker of Stonehouse Studio. Her polymer clay work is like none I have ever seen before. Her pendants were the first thing to catch my eye. Smooth detailed patterns contour round organic shapes and cradle delicate textured inlays. I was very fond of her bracelets and Grace was too. She treated herself to a colorful polka dotted bangle from Betsy at the end of the day. You can tell that Betsy has a master hand and has been doing this for years because she achieves intricate patterns and textures on such small spaces. Definitely check her out in the Boston area or on her website if you want to find someone a beautifully crafted, unique gift.
Betsy Baker of Stonehouse Studio
beautiful bangles
polymer pendants
While waiting for my Boston Common grilled cheese from the Grilled Cheese Nation truck, vibrant images of lemons, pizzas, and watermelons beckoned to me from a nearby booth. I stopped to take a closer look and to talk with Dan of Dan Johnson Designs about his trivets. I found out that all of the housewares he offers are created from his original artwork and photographs. His eye-catching images and bold colors make his pieces the ideal accessory to brighten up your home. In addition to the trivets he offered clocks, mugs, coasters, trays, and a variety of other useful wares. Visit his website to see his mouth-watering designs.
Dan Johnson Designs
deliciously decorative 
Lured in by the perfectly peaked cupcakes and a brightly colored stand I visited the Cupcake Cart on the Greenway for an afternoon pick me up. I chatted with the lovely gal working the cart and found out the stand was created by the same family who owns the local Bullfinch's Restaurant in Sudbury, MA. The cupcakes are only available on the Greenway and the stand is in a great location near the family-friendly fountain. I picked out a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting to share with Grace and it was just the treat to get us through the afternoon.

How can you resist?
yes please!
The biggest highlight of my day was meeting a customer who said she read my write up in the Weekly Dig. She left with several of my favorite pieces including "A Dazzling Display of Sportsmanship." I also met a very friendly mom and daughter visiting from New Jersey. The mom and I shared a love of vintage and we chatted about a great rummage sale in her area. She left with one of my newest tin locket creations called "Outdoor Girl." A sweet couple that was getting married the following week found the perfect gift for one of the girls in their wedding: a rainbow-colored REcap Bracelet. And guess where the bracelet was going to...Fairfield, CT where I teach and where the marker caps originally came from. You can't make these things up!
Can you Dig it?
"A Dazzling Display of Sportsmanship" on a dazzling customer
"Outdoor Girl" on a great outdoor mom and her daughter
After heading back to Siena's and freshening up we all headed out to celebrate Siena's birthday at Evoo in Boston. It was great to hang out with her parents and boyfriend Ian, who had been kind enough to help us set up and break down at the shows all weekend. We all tucked into some delicious locally grown and organic food. From appetizers to our main entrees, we enjoyed every bite and were most impressed by the presentation of the food and eclectic decor of the restaurant. The night was topped off with a lavender infused pana cotta accompanied by a candle and song for the birthday girl.
the birthday beauty
Ian 'n' Siena
The next day we were up early to set up at SoWa Open Market. The grey skies warned of a wet day ahead and that it was! Despite the showers, folks still showed up with raincoats and umbrellas to see what the market had to offer. I have to admit that I was a little too rain-shy to visit with other vendors and write about their goods, but you'll have to believe me when I tell you that there was a nice variety of both handmade goods and food there (as there always is!). Grace sported a new polka dotted cuff that she got from Betsy Baker at the Greenway. Grace busily sewed two new dresses by the end of the day and sent some pretty hand made outfits home with happy customers.
Twitch and Whiskers - the wet look
braving the rain
Grace doing some rainy day sewing.
A gal swung by with an amazing Basquiat t-shirt. We ended up talking a little about the London exhibit where she got the shirt. She went home with a magnet necklace called "Laws of Attraction." I jokingly told her I would trade the necklace for her cool t-shirt... and I would have if she was up for it! Oh well... Towards the end of the day a guy came by who was really drawn to the Thimblism Necklaces. He carefully read each thimble on the display and found a plastic one that advertised a shop in Seattle, Washington. The street address was just blocks away from where he used to live. He instantly knew that was the necklace for him.
Laws of Attraction
Fruity Thimblism Necklace
After SoWa, we headed toward Siena's and once the weather cleared up, we all walked to Jose's Mexican Restaurant. To celebrate the weekend, we enjoyed drinks and some delicious authentic Mexican fare. Sangria, salsa and chips, a margarita, and generous portions made us feel stuffed and satisfied. We definitely walked home a happy group!
Grace's kissing booth outside of Joe's
quite the pitcher
Grace in a sangriable mood
On Monday, Grace and I packed up, said our goodbyes and headed to a very special pastry spot: Sofra. Their delectable display of sweets and Middle Eastern specialties made it difficult to pick just one item, so Grace and I noshed on a nice variety of treats while unwinding with a tea and latte. Once fed, we hit the road. The car, being a bit lighter after selling at our shows, had some precious extra room. We made several stops at some of our favorite crafty and thrifty places on the way back to Connecticut. These detours proved to be quite rewarding so we were thankful for the extra trunk space. Thanks to some metal poles between us in the car I had a "censored" view of Grace on the ride home. This provided us with many laughs and a few close calls during sharp turns.

breakfast of champions
 passenger side view of Grace on the ride home
This Boston weekend had a little of everything to make for the perfect adventure: family, friends, food, and finds. I can't wait to do all again this coming weekend! 

Come visit me at my last two shows of the summer. Fall and winter dates to follow soon!
Saturday, August 13 - The Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA

Sunday, August 14 - SOWA Open Market - Boston, MA

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