Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the Road - SoWa Open Market - Boston

Sunday was day two of my Boston adventures. After a full day at the Greenway Open Market, I couldn't wait to see what SoWa Open Market had to offer. I've been told by hoards of crafters and visitors alike that the market is incredible. I was so excited to finally be a part of it!
SoWa Open Market
our happy corner of the world
Thom and I got a lovely corner spot at the market, complete with a waving blue banner. The first thing that caught our eyes were the food trucks located close to us. Thom got a decadently delicious egg and pulled pork sandwich from Silk Road BBQ while I noshed on a light popover from the Clover food truck.  Throughout the day, we found the best possible way to keep cool: multiple frozen lemonades from Del's. I'm craving one right now.

pop on over
more please
Soon after setting up, we were given a friendly welcome from Margaret DeBruin, who makes one-of-a-kind clothing for babies and toddlers. When I visited her booth full of adorable, upcycled clothing and accessories, I wanted to touch ever piece because her recycled fabrics and color combinations were so eye-catching and happy. I was not surprised at all when I found out she was friends with Grace Napoleon since both gals make the most amazing clothes-out-of-clothes. Margaret offers a wide range of pieces such as sun hats, dresses, hoodies, mittens and other accessories. Her pieces show that going green can be loads of fun and can start at a very early age. She's a gal after my own heart! Visit her website to see a wonderful gallery of her work.

Margret DeBruin and her OOAK creations
look adorable from head to toe
 A table full of striking leather cuffs drew me to Aaron's Chocolate Treats. The hand crafted lace up bracelets sported bold, yet simple geometric shapes and had a softer than butter feel to them. Once I looked around the booth, there was even more to discover. Aaron offered whimsical prints and paintings inspired by the Harlem Renaissance. His portraits really captured the high style and feel of the 30's. My favorite painting of his was a beautiful portrait of his mother. What beauty and grace! Visit his website to see his paintings, jewelry, and other offerings.
Treat yourself to Aaron's Chocolate Treats
Can't get enough of these cuffs!
Aaron's mother
Just steps away from the SoWa Open Market was the SoWa Vintage Market. As soon as I walked through the entrance, my jaw hit the floor. I was in vintage wonderland! Glittering piles of costume jewelry, racks upon racks of colorful vintage clothing, and long stretches of housewares and art welcomed me in. Created and managed by Stephanie Pernice and John Warren, this amazing inside venue has everything and anything a collector and vintage lover could ask for. Every inch of the brick warehouse is covered in amazingly displayed curiosities from both regular and rotating vendors. I was quite impressed by the selection and great deals to be had. I ended up getting an enameled white and green chain necklace from the 60's from Stephanie's booth. LOVE! Once I returned to my booth outside, and tagged Thom out, he spent a good amount of time combing through records and coming home with some gems, including an experimental Japanese electronics album. With two incredible markets right next to each other, you can't go wrong!

a pair with savour faire - Stephanie and John
a feast for the eyes
displays that dazzle
All smiles at the SoWa Vintage Market
My favorite hostess with the mostest Stacey swung by to say hello. We'd been taking refuge at her place since Friday and couldn't have done the two show weekend without her support. Before she left, she was bejeweled with a new rhinestone and tin car necklace called "Joy Ride." She looked dazzling if you ask me! We were also visited by some folks who met us at the Greenway Open Market the day before. They returned to get a few pieces including a space age statement necklace called, "Barbarella" and a thimblism necklace with an orange pear. It was my third thimblism necklace sold to a guy during the weekend. I was thrilled to find out that men like thimbles too!
 Stacey taking a Joy Ride
Thimblisms for him
My busy Boston weekend ended on such a positive note. As Thom and I drove home we couldn't stop talking about all the great places we visited and folks we met. I'm counting down the days 'til the next double weekend!

There are four more chances to catch me in Boston this summer:

Saturday, August 6 - The Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA

Sunday, August 7 - SOWA Open Market - Boston, MA

Saturday, August 13 - The Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA

Sunday, August 14 - SOWA Open Market - Boston, MA

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