Tuesday, July 12, 2011

On the Road - Opening Day of the Greenway Open Market - Boston

Last Saturday was opening day for the Greenway Open Market at the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston. Organized by the same folks who run SoWa Open Market, this open air market offered a nicely juried selection of art and craft vendors. Located near the trolley tour pick up spot and the Boston Aquarium, the area was hustling and bustling with both locals and tourists. The Rings Fountain sprayed swarms of children with choreographed patterns of water in the center of the Greenway and a carousel spun at the north end, keeping families cool and entertained all day.
opening day of the Greenway Open Market
 The Rose Kennedy Greenway
Thom and I were packed for a two-show weekend. The following day we were doing SoWa. We were lucky enough to stay with our friend Stacey who lives in Hull. The night before the Greenway, we enjoyed lobster rolls, ice cream, a carousel, and a vintage ball-rolling game call "Fascination" by the shore. Feeling fully entertained and well-fed, we were charged and ready for the great weekend ahead. 

Twitch and Whiskers
He's so crafty!
One of our neighbors was Wendy of Lathergy Soaps. It's always great being next to handmade soaps, especially on a breezy day. Fresh herbal and floral scents filled the air and set a such relaxing tone. I had a chance to sniff all the special blends and I really enjoyed the Blend Number One with lavender, tea tree oil, and rosemary. I thought their picnic basket displays were especially charming. To see Lathergy's full range of soaps and scents, visit their website.

Wendy of Lathergy Soaps
fresh scents
Melissa of Coral Belles had the perfect combination of bright colors and patterns in her fanciful, handmade children's clothes. Melissa's seaside inspired dresses, ruffle shorts, and accessories were a big hit with people looking for gifts for fashionable girls and their moms. Her blue and green whale dress was such a fresh and fancy free design. It reminded me of summer jaunts to Newport. She was such a friendly neighbor and I really enjoyed chatting the day away with her. Check out Melissa's Etsy shop for a great sampling of her work!

Melissa of Coral Belles
whale done
You couldn't help but smile when you saw the capes and super hero gear from Little Hero Capes. Allison has created a whole fantasy world of capes, masks, and cuffs to dress any pint sized villain fighter. Stars, lightning bolts, hearts, rockets, and even skulls emblazoned the sleek fabric capes. I had the pleasure of seeing one of her capes in action on a little guy soaring near the fountains at the Greenway and it absolutely made my day. I visited her website and thought it was great that she offered "create a cape" where you can make your own custom designs to fit your super needs. Click here and take off!
Allison of Little Hero Capes
super cool super hero outfitter
Whenever I bump into John of John Warren Designs, I'm always eager to see the new clever designs he has to offer. Being a frequent picker and hunter at old factories, markets, and other places of intrigue you just never know what new furniture design he has up his sleeve. John combines old pieces of wood, fascinating metal detail, interesting paint finishes and unexpected decorative touches (like children's building blocks and textured tin ceiling tiles) to create re-envisioned vintage masterpieces. I was drawn to his end tables with carved horse heads. Visit his blog for a peek into his world and to find out where you can spot him next.
John Warren Designs
two horses are better than one
Thom and I enjoyed some crunchy and gooey grilled cheese sandwiches from the Grilled Cheese Nation truck. Their sour dough bread and creative ingredient combinations made their truck a popular stop at the market. Throughout the day I longingly watched the kids splashing around in the fountains and wished I could dash through the water myself. The park provided many games and toys on the Greenway for kids of all ages to use. It really is the perfect family destination.

Grilled Cheese Nation
fountains with youth at the Greenway
I love meeting new people at markets. My first customer was a local Bostonian out for a jog. We had a great conversation about collecting small vintage items. She ended up jogging back home with a rainbow REcap bracelet and one of my favorite new pieces called "Drama Queen." I was visited by a wonderful pediatrician from Toronto. He thought a barber pole and hot dog thimbilism necklace would be a big hit with his small patients. I ended up making him necklaces with longer chains so he could wear them with his hospital badge. An assemblage necklace called "Camping Neath the Stars" made from a vintage Swedish bicycle head badge went home with a found object artist. We also talked in depth about collecting and the joys of treasure hunting for inspiration. There was never a dull moment at the Greenway thanks to all the fascinating people around.
A Rainbow REcap bracelet adds instant color to any outfit!

Drama Queen - complete with fluttering doll eye
barber pole Thimblism Necklace
Camping 'Neath the Stars
The lively Greenway provided a great flow of people and activity throughout the day.  I can't wait to do the market again come August!

Visit me when I return to Boston:

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