Wednesday, May 18, 2011

REpackaging and REtagging

I aim to reuse as much material as I can when creating my jewelry. I do this because items with a past are more interesting to me than things that are new and it's more ecologically responsible to reuse materials. This idea carries over into my packaging as well. Here is a sampling of my favorite ways to package and tag my jewelry.

"Isn't It Romantic" necklace with a BINGO card tag.
Donna, the kind cafeteria manager at my elementary school, gave me a massive amount of popcorn chicken bags. They were sent with the frozen food but never used since the popcorn chicken gets scooped directly into the cafeteria trays. Instead of discarding them, she passed them to me and now I use them for bagging my jewelry at shows.

bawk bawk
Here are some other food-grade bags I use for packaging. 

happiness is....a happy bag
Donna also used to own a video rental store. As part of a promotion, she ordered a case full of cardboard popcorn boxes. While cleaning out her home she found the leftover boxes and asked if I would like them. I happily took them, punched holes on the top, added string (given to me by another friend who was cleaning out a space), and bags!

just add popcorn
poppin' fresh
When I get an order on Etsy or donate an item for an event, I package my jewelry up in creative ways. My favorite things to use when mounting my thimbilism necklaces are BINGO cards and vintage game cards (flashcards, playing cards, etc.). I've been saving up vintage ephemera for many years and it's all finally being to put it to good use.
vintage Old Maid and BINGO cards
it's a wrap
My price tags are also made from BINGO cards and game pieces.

Fun 'n' Game rings with BINGO card tags

REcap bracelets with cardboard game piece tags

What is your favorite way to package things?

Come and visit me at these upcoming shows:

Saturday, May 21st – Shop the Archway – DUMBO – Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, May 29th - The Brooklyn Flea - Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

Sunday, June 26th - Smith Street Sunday Fun Day - Brooklyn, NY

Saturday, July 9, August 6, August 13 - Greenway Open Markets - Boston, MA

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