Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hands on Haiku - Hands Off

Today I ventured out to do some Saturday chores. Inevitably, I got pulled off my path thanks to many tag sales along the way. My favorite find was a Dollywood thimble, which I plan on turning into a thimbilism necklace

hooray for Dollywood
My excitement for the find was suddenly tinged with regret. In a split second this is what went through my mind: Dollywood made me think of Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton made me think of watching 80's television specials with cameo appearances from the big stars of the day. That made me think of Tom Selleck, which reminded me of THE PLATE THAT GOT AWAY. 

less than 6 degrees of Dolly/Tom
I don't remember where Thom (husband...not Selleck) and I found it but we saw an unforgettable "collectible" Tom Selleck plate at a tag sale one summer. We are neither fans of collectible plates nor Tom Selleck, but something about this combination was magical. It could have been the mustache or the tuxedo or both. Who knows. The sad thing is we didn't buy it and I regret it to this day. Sure, I can buy it on Ebay but it's just not the same.  

To fill my void, my hands on haiku pays tribute to something I do not have my hands on, but will someday have. Mark. My. Words.

Tom Selleck Plate (aka "The One That Got Away")

Oh Tom Selleck plate
Mustached and collectible
Hire me a P.I.!

Everyone has the "one that got away." What's yours?


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