Wednesday, February 5, 2014

On the Road - Wellesley Marketplace - Wellesley MA

Let's take another look back at the 2013 holiday craft show season. The weekend before Thanksgiving, over 170 artists and vendors filled the hallways, gym, cafeteria, and classrooms of the Wellesley Middle School with gifts galore at the 37th Annual Wellesley Marketplace in Massachusetts. This annual event is sponsored by the Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club and raises funds for a variety of charities and helps to fund college scholarships. This was my second time participating in the highly-anticipated show. I was set up and ready to go in the cafeteria with many new pieces including holiday-themed pinback button necklaces.
unique upcycled necklaces
Twitch and Whiskers at Wellesley Marketplace 2013
holiday-themed pinback button necklaces

I was so excited to see Kendra Haskell of Whimsy at the Wellesley Marketplace. We originally met in my booth during Picnic in Portland, ME and since then I couldn't wait to see her creations in person. The world of Whimsy is brimming with bright color, bold mixed patterns, and fun. Kendra artfully sews skirts, scarves, shawls, shirts, and accessories for women and girls with playful touches. Kitschy ball fringe, rick rack, and hand embroidered details fill Kendra's wearables with joy and of course, whimsy. Her wool shawls with hand cut, dimensional flowers were real show stoppers at Wellesley, and customers loved looking through her twirly skirts with endless pattern combinations. Visit Whimsy's website and Facebook page to see all of Kendra's offerings and to find out how you can add a piece of Whimsy to your wardrobe.
Kendra Haskell of Whimsy
a shawl with floral pop
skirts that flirt
Holiday shoppers had a great selection of goods to shop for at Wellesley. Many customers came looking for the perfect gift for the season ahead. I was happy to send them home with a wide variety of pieces, including: Fun 'n' Games rings, tin car necklaces, vintage whistle necklaces, an Vari Vue necklaces with clever moving images.
Fun 'n Games rings bring smiles
Rings - the perfect stocking stuffers
Ready to stop traffic in this colorful car bib necklace!
just whistle
Vari Vue - very cute
The ladies of the Wellesley Hills Junior Women's League put on a fabulous show and it was a pleasure being a part of it! There's just one more flashback 2013 holiday show blog post to go. Check back soon for the grand finale: SoWa Holiday Market.

I am back in craft show mode for 2014. Catch Twitch and Whiskers at the SoWa Winter Market in Boston on February 8th, March 1, and April 12th. February 8th features a specially themed SoWa Wearables Market. Don't miss out!

My spring and summer show schedule is starting to shape up. Until then, swing by Twitch and Whiskers on Etsy and Facebook for updates. 
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