Monday, February 3, 2014

On the Road - Brookline Marketplace Craft Fair - Brookline, MA

It's time for the big rewind. I've finally had a chance to shake off the winter snow and catch up on holiday show blog posts. This post will take us back to early November to the 13th Annual Brookline Marketplace Craft Fair. It was my second time participating in this fun show to benefit The Park School. All proceeds from the event went to the The Park School Parent Association to help fund enrichment programs and service programs. Over 90 artists filled the gymnasium and lots o' locals came out to holiday shop and support the school.
Twitch and Whiskers at the Brookline Marketplace Craft Fair 2013

I brought with me a great selection of new necklaces inspired by my new favorite materials:  vintage plastic carnival whistles and lenticular Vari Vue cards. Color and baubles abound!
carnival style vintage plastic whistle necklaces
watch 'em move - Vari Vue necklaces

It was an absolute pleasure being next to a fellow teacher at the show. Erica Smiley of Smileybaby Hats is an art teacher by day and a whimsical crocheter of all things adorable during her free time. Erica offered a menagerie of animal-themed hats including octopi with curly arms, owls with larger than life eyes, and adorable puppies with floppy ears. Her clever designs went beyond critters. You could even don a Smiley Baby strawberry, aviator hat with glasses or a Thanksgiving turkey on your head! At the craft fair, Erica debuted her new dragon bike helmet covers and they all flew out the door before the end of the show. Visit Smiley Baby Hats on Facebook and Etsy to see all of Erica's crocheted hats, helmet covers, and mittens. Smiles guaranteed!
Erica Smiley of Smileybaby Hats
critters galore

dragon helmet cover
I really enjoyed getting visits from customers both old and new at The Park School. Twitch and Whiskers compact necklaces, thimble necklaces, and Fun 'n' Games rings were popular gifts at the show.
Looking like a queen in an enameled rouge compact necklace with a crown.
This creative gal told me all about her fun projects and looked adorable in her new Thimblism necklace
Fun 'n' Games Rings - the perfect stocking stuffer
I had a great time at the Brookline Marketplace Craft Fair and enjoyed being a part of their special fundraiser. 

Stay tuned for four more holiday rewind posts coming up soon. Up next - Craftopia 2013. 

I am back in craft show mode for 2014. Catch Twitch and Whiskers at the SoWa Winter Market in Boston on February 8th, March 1, and April 12th. My spring and summer show schedule is starting to shape up. Until then, swing by Twitch and Whiskers on Etsy and Facebook.

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