Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On the Road - Dogwatch Artisan Market

It was an easy breezy kind of day last Thursday as I drove from Connecticut to Fairhaven, MA. I was excited to be participating in the Dogwatch Artisan Market because it was my first time in that neck of the woods and two of my crafty pals were going to be there: Chrissy of Chrissy Ann Ceramics and Carrie of SepiaLepus
Chrissy Ann Ceramics
The cozy 6 artist show was set up across the street from the “Music in the Center” concert at the town hall. That night Captain Malibu played a variety of rock and reggae cover songs to the locals on the green. 
Captain Malibu
In addition to seeing old friends, I got to meet a sweet group of gals at the show:

Thea Katon of Oh How Cute Coaster Co. combines her love of photography with nifty coasters, magnets, and trivets. I was especially drawn to her Nautical Lines set of coasters with bold, textured, coiled ropes. I could have spent hours pouring over her amazing images. Who doesn't love gifts that are useful, handmade, and beautiful? Thea definitely gets the award for all three!
Oh How Cute Coaster Co.
Ecaruso.handmade was set up next to me at the show and every time I looked over at her booth, I discovered a different, wonderful handmade treat. From tea towels with bright yellow 45 adapters and patterned bow ties to wrist warmers repurposed from sweaters and sculptural assemblages, she had a little something for everyone. Thank goodness Elizabeth Caruso has so many interests and talents. It makes shopping at her booth an exciting experience!
When I walked into the Dragonfly Handmade Soap booth, I was taken away on a fragrant journey. Robin Schmidt crafts luxurious soaps with fresh scents such as lemongrass, bay rum, and sandalwood vanilla. I had to pick up and smell every bar of soap and it gave me the evening pick me up I needed. Robin changes up her offerings seasonally, so that's a great reason to seek her out different times of year. Lather up!
Dragonfly Handmade Soap
Before I left, I got to send a few gems home with locals including some Thimblism Necklaces. One of the best parts of doing shows is being able to trade with other artists. I swapped my circus-themed necklace for a Sepialepus parrot brooch and flying squirrel print. Win-win! At the end of the night, I was treated to a lovely dinner from Chrissy and her husband Rocky. They even took this crafty foster child in for the night. I went to bed happy, full, and well-rested for the next day's adventures.
Thimblism Necklaces
sweet swap
Chrissy and Rocky - the hosts with the most
To be continued...

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