Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On the Road - Festival Fete

Last Saturday, I was Cranston bound for Festival Fete Garden City. Grace Napoleon of Folk Couture and I drove up to Rhode Island on Friday night in preparation for the big two day show. The weekend weather proved to be beautiful and people were out in droves. In addition to having over 125 artists, there was a nice variety of entertainment, hands-on activities for kids, food, and even a photo booth.
Festival Fete Garden City in Cranston, RI
Garden City
Grace gets decorated by Barefoot Henna
hands on activities
Big Nazo made a BIG impact!
Apiary Designs is a family affair. Mother and daughter team Nancy White and Megan Labrecque sew handmade aprons, totes, and other fabulous fabric accessories. I had the pleasure of being next to them at the show for two days and this meant I got a front row view of their amazing array of fabrics. Quirky kitchen appliances, tattoo designs, sushi, nautical scenes, cupcakes, fruits, and florals were just a handful of the 100's of whimsical prints available from Apiary Designs. Each piece is lovingly cut, assembled, and stitched by these talented gals who have a long tradition of sewing in their family. Swing by their website and Etsy shop for the perfect gift. They really have something for everyone!
Megan and Nancy of Apiary Designs
A great blend of fabrics
aprons galore
Love these prints!
Pop art with a twist of hilarity served on a plate. That's what Joanne DeLomba is serving up. Her Mod Antique China collection showcases clever images that are heat transferred onto vintage plates. The juxtaposition of fine dinnerware with quirky artwork make these plates not-quite-your grandma's-collectables (unless you have a really cool grandma). Add to the mix her bold True Romance earrings and other worldly framed art prints and you have one amazing collection of work. Check out Joanne's website, blog, and Etsy shop for a glimpse into her eclectic world.
Joanne DeLomba
This second grade teacher approves!
earrings with pop
creature feature
It had been a while since I had been in the Ocean State, so I was excited to return with some new pieces. I created a new line called, "Garland Varieties" which were assembled out of vintage link bracelets and bead chain. Several went home with happy customers. In preparation for the show, I make a bunch of nautical themed Thimblism necklaces with brassy and silver-tone thimbles. The thimbles with jingling whale tails proved to be a popular choice at the show. A fun variety of REcap bracelets, one-of-a-kind assemblages, and game piece rings also left the fair with happy folks. Overall, I had a terrific time in Cranston and cannot wait for the next Festival Fete show!
Twitch and Whiskers at Festival Fete
new - Garland Varieties
REcap Fan
nautical Thimblisms
Spring Peeper - flew off to a new home
One of the best parts of going to other states is staying over other artists' places. Grace and I camped out at Carrie Wagner's home in Providence. In addition to being a very talented painter/illustrator for SepiaLepus, I found out Carrie is also an incredible jewelry designer. One of the pieces she shared with me was just jaw-dropping amazing. She created a stunning choker with five hinged squid lockets. Each one held a different nautical scene inside and had more underwater scenes etched on the back. I sure hope to see some of her jewelry out in the world soon. While we all patiently wait for her jewelry line, we can enjoy her SepiaLepus illustrations in the meantime. 
You can find both Twitch and Whiskers and SepiaLepus at Arts Fest Beverly in Beverly, MA on Saturday, June 16th. On Sunday, June 24th, you can visit me at the Smith Street Sunday Funday in Brooklyn, NY. Come on by and say hello!

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