Monday, December 5, 2011

Kimblism Thimblism at the Toy Room

I got a visit from my pal Kim Ramsey at Hot Cup o' Handmade 1 back in November. She brought with her a pretty silver thimble inscribed with "Kate" (her grandma's name) and asked if I could custom make a thimblism necklace for her. Of course I was more than happy to! I swung by her shop, The Toy Room after school one day. I love any opportunity to visit her shop because it's chock full of wonderment and the coolest toys around. I brought with me containers full of kitschy charms, bead caps, and beads. Kim chose a bright plastic apple charm to dangle below her thimble. It came off a vintage Carmen Miranda/ fruit salad type necklace.

The Toy Room on Greenwood Ave in Bethel, CT
After making the necklace, Thom and I returned to her shop last Saturday to drop off the piece and to do a little holiday shopping. Kim looked absolutely radiant in her new necklace! To honor Kim, I named it the "Kimblism Thimblism" necklace. I just couldn't resist! I love it when I get the chance to work with items that hold meaning and sentiment and I especially enjoy making things for friends.
an apple a day
Kim in her "Kimblism" Thimblism necklace
There was so much to look at in the store. Last year, I purchased a bunch of realistic looking chocolate chip cookie purses from Kim and they were a big hit during the holidays. Imagine my excitement when I saw a whole new line of products from the same company, including big ol' pizza and cupcake pillows! The Toy Room was filled to the brim with all sorts of cute stocking stuffers like goofy rubber faced hand puppets (I remember having these when I was a kid), colorful marbles and glass critter figurines, and mysterious socks that expand to full size in water. I asked Kim what was one of the hottest items in her shop right now and she said it was the "Loopdedoo" friendship bracelet maker. This jewelry maker gives this crafty kit a big thumbs up!
good enough to eat
faces only a mother could love
hypnotizing colors
a friendship bracelet maker's friend
And then of course, there is the toy that I want (hint, hint). I almost forgot to mention that one of my favorite parts of visiting Kim, is the fact that we both have an extremely immature sense of humor. Knowing this, she pointed out the GAME OF ALL GAMES a few weeks ago while I was visiting: Doggie Doo. Let's just say that it features a dog, goopy green dog treats, a leash that you squeeze, and gaseous noises. I hope the man in the big red suit is taking note.
I really doo want this.
Every time I visit Kim, my day is filled with toys and laughter. What else could you possibly want? The Toy Room has perfect gifts for kids of all ages. Support a great local business this holiday season and if you swing by, please bring a hat or pair of gloves. Kim will be collecting these items for the Dorothy Day House in Danbury until December 15th. Happy Holidays!
Princess Charming - Upcycled Rouge Locket Necklace
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