Wednesday, July 29, 2015

On the Road - South End Open Market at SoWa (dog edition) - Boston, MA

Last Sunday at the South End Open Market at SoWa, I must have had "man's best friend" on my mind. First thing in the morning, I created a special necklace display featuring different dog breeds on vintage pinback buttons. My husband Thom followed suit and donned a dog tin clicker necklace. Little did we know that this set the stage for a fabulous dog-themed day in Boston!
dog days of summer
pups on protractors
Twitch and Whiskers at the South End Open Market at SoWa
It turned out to be a beautiful summer day; not too hot, not too cold. As expected, visitors (many with dogs) were out in full force. You can always count on seeing the most amazing pups on parade in Boston, especially at this market. It is a very dog-friendly place. Many vendors love their four-legged visitors and some even leave cool bowls of water out for their special guests.
South End Open Market at Sowa - Boston, MA
Perfect shopping day in the South End.
little dog - big smiles
Ears and personality for miles!
Two weeks old and too cute!
Hope. The kind volunteers at Last Hope K9 Rescue have plenty of it to go around, and thank goodness they do. They offer hope to those who need it the most. They filled the market with wet noses, floppy ears, and oodles of puppy love. They were in the south end to spread the word about their all-breed rescue organization that focuses on saving abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs from high-kill shelters across the United States. They do not discriminate against dogs based on age, pre-existing medical conditions, or breed. This loving, volunteer-based group was started in March of 2012 and since then, they have saved over 2,500 dogs. I had the pleasure of meeting several of their volunteers, including Steph P., their medical coordinator. She told me how their volunteers travel to states where dogs are most at risk. They transport the dogs to foster homes in the Boston area. The dogs are taken care of until they are matched with their "furever" home. Fostering is an important part of the process because it increases the dog's chance of being adopted. It puts the pups in a loving home (instead of a shelter), gives them the care they need, and exposes them to the community through their foster family. What made the biggest impact at the South End Open Market was the one on one contact with these beautiful animals. Visitors couldn't help but stop to pet, and play with these dogs. There were smiles and wagging tails all around. If you are looking to adopt a loving companion or would like to foster a dog, I highly recommend looking Last Hope K9 Rescue's website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram page. Your home and heart will never be the same!
Last Hope K9 Rescue - volunteers and four legged friends
So many beautiful dogs to adopt and foster!
How can you resist these beautiful baby blues?
belly rubs, cuddles, and warm hellos
Waves of crowds came through our tent all day and as always I met the nicest people. One of my earlier sales of the day went to a new elementary school principal who found her school's mascot on a vintage whistle necklace. Other tin whistles also found their way home with shoppers at SoWa.
visitors at Twitch and Whiskers
A new principal found the perfect whistle with her school mascot.
roar and toot
one classy ride
Rings of all sorts were popular purchases this week. Bold Bakelite statement rings and sassy pinback button ones found their way onto happy hands. 
bold Bakelite and bright colors
"Tell it to the marines!"
sassy pants rings
I always enjoy sending jewelry home in pairs and this happened twice on Sunday. A set of adorable twins and two close friends went home with similar pieces and I think they looked fabulous!
tin clicker necklaces times two
a magnetic friendship
magnet necklaces
A variety of other necklaces left with shoppers on Sunday, including Hob Knob necklaces, pinback button necklaces, and an interactive antique match safe locket with a little deer inside.
Hob Knob necklaces and rings
Cut it out.
Well, hello there Ginny!
On very gentle feet - match safe locket
My day ended with a terrific trade with Sweet Beetle Jewelry. Lindy got a silver thimblism necklace with lightning bolt and I took home a pretty blue vintage cabachon ring. I've been wearing it everyday since Sunday!
Lindy of Sweet Beetle. I love my new ring!
It was a great summer at the South End Open Market at SoWa. I enjoyed all of my visits from customers and friends (both old and new). Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see Twitch and Whiskers in Boston this season! Remember, you can visit the South End Open Market at SoWa until the end of October, so head on over for the best handmade in Boston!

And with this blog post, I say goodbye to my summer show season 2015 and hello to a big...

I can't wait to hit the road with my husband to explore unknown parts of the north! Big things will be happening when I return. There's a new website in the works and I head back into a new school year. Until then, you can follow Twitch and Whiskers on Instagram. Adios buckaroos!

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