Thursday, August 15, 2013

On the Road - The Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA

Zooming lines of helmeted tourists on Segways. Squealing children dashing through the sprays of the Rings Fountain. Teams of costumed scavenger hunters rushing by with lists in hand. The Greenway is rich with the sights and sounds of Boston and there's always something different going on. The Rose Kennedy Greenway hosted Figment on July 27th. It is a free participatory arts festival. Dancers, musicians, and visual artists provided a day filled with family activities and entertainment. It was an extra special treat to be vending at the Greenway Open Market on that day. The weather was gorgeous and sidewalks were filled with visitors.
Dancers from Traveni Dance Studio in Brookline at Figment
Greenway Open Market - Boston
Style. Originality. Love. Education. That is the heart and soul of Solefull Lounge, a lifestyle brand that reflects the shared interests of co-founders Diderot Jean Phillipe and PJ Jules. These friends have been producing hats and t-shirts with a wink to pop culture and music since 2008. At the Greenway, their clever Jaws-inspired sneaker shirt, reminiscent of the iconic movie poster, was a real standout. Shoe laces are a repeated theme in their designs and can be found on their logo tees, fitted caps, and even wrapped around tape reels on their cassette tape packaging. Diderot and PJ not only design clothes, but also present music and art events. On August 23rd, they will be sponsoring the Soul Spotlight Live Concert Series at Cafe 939. Visit Solefull Lounge's website, blog, shop, and Facebook page to find out more about their fashion and upcoming events.
Pj and Diderot of The Solefull Lounge
clever Jaws-inspired shirt and logo hats
Ten points if you can name that movie!
I've been busy all summer making new pieces for the Greenway and my upcoming fall/winter show season. I brought with me a new batch on pinback button necklaces and brass drawer pull necklaces.
pinback buttons, toy magnets, and wooden nickels
give a hoot
I met many friendly tourists and locals at the Greenway. I was happy to send some of my favorite necklaces home with some lovely ladies including blinking doll eye necklaces and rouge compact lockets.
An eye-catching beauty!
 Looking lovely in a rouge tin locket

Two gorgeous gals at the Greenway
La Jaynees - vintage powder tin locket with butterfly
With a steady flow of foot traffic all day, you just never know who will show up. I got two lovely surprises. First, I was beyond thrilled when a past customer came by wearing her blinking doll eye necklace. She looked dazzling! At the end of the day, a friendly woman walked by with an Envirosax bag, just like one I had with me. I learned her name was Aimee and we ended up talking about reusable bags for a bit. Before Aimee went on her way, she handed me a beautifully stamped, handmade card. She told me she was handing out random acts of kindness cards in honor of her late husband Tony. It was her touching way of paying tribute to him and focusing on the positive in her life. She also shared with me a link to her Six Words Blog which chronicles her life experiences. It was certainly a tender way to end my day at the Greenway.
I spy a Twitch and Whiskers eye!
A much-appreciated random act of kindness!
I packed up after the Greenway, grabbed a yummy bite to eat with Jen Gubicza of Zooguu, and drove home with a delectable chocolate mint brownie (that didn't quite make it home). How's that for a fabulous and full day? My first day of school is just around the corner but I have one more BIG show before then. It will be my first time doing a craft show in Maine and I couldn't be more excited!

Saturday, August 24th - Picnic Music and Arts Festival - Portland, Maine

Stay tuned for one VERY exciting fall/winter schedule. In the meantime, visit Twitch and Whiskers on Facebook and on Etsy for upcycled jewelry galore!

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