Monday, March 4, 2013

On the Road - The Peter Lawrence Gallery

Back in the early winter, I had the pleasure of selling my jewelry at the Peter Lawrence Gallery Handmade/Local Gift Show in Gaylordsville, CT. For the holidays, they offered a wonderful variety of gifts from local Connecticut artists. Gallery coordinator Megan Marden, founder of CT ArtList and recent M.F.A graduate in painting curated the diverse show. Every corner of the space was filled with local artwork, home decor, accessories, jewelry, ceramics, and furniture.
Linda Banks - ornaments
Megan Mardan and Peter Lawrence Scalera
Grace Napoleon checking out the show.
The gallery is home to Peter Lawrence Woodworkers. Peter Lawrence Scalera has over 30 years of experience working with wood. He creates gorgeous furniture, storage, and specially commissioned pieces for restaurants and businesses. All of his projects use locally sourced and certified sustainable wood and are finished with care by hand. I enjoyed seeing a fine array of his work at the show, including a gorgeous headboard and some unique end tables.
Beautifully crafted end table by Peter Lawrence
Several of my favorite Connecticut artists also had work at the show. Middletown photographer Doug Hockman offered a stunning framed black and white print of a tree in winter. Doug's vibrant landscapes, abstract prints, and wall hangings have a distinctive New England feel and really capture the beauty of this area. His work can be found at craft and fine arts shows all over the northeast, on his website, Facebook page, and in his Etsy shop. Check out his event calendar to see where you can find him next.
Doug Hockman Photography - framed prints
James Napoleon had his own show at the Peter Lawrence Gallery back in September of 2012. It featured "Obsession," his 18-panel mega painting of Italian vocalist Mina Mazzini. His acrylic series captured a three minute-performance of the Italian pop singer. I really enjoyed seeing one of his ethereal illustrations at the gallery. James' portraits, landscapes, and fantasy paintings can be found on his website and you can read more about his Obsession series here.
James Napoleon - illustrations and paintings
I was also introduced to the artwork of many other fabulous locals at the show.
Justin Perlman - handmade paper bowl
Amy King Painter of Contrariety - crocheted creations
Francine Funke - whimsical pop up
Shelley Dell - watercolor painting
There was a little of everything from Twitch and Whiskers at the show, from lockets made from vintage tins and rouge compacts to pinback button necklaces and Thimblism necklaces. One of my favorite new pieces sold at the show called, "15 Minutes." I was so happy to be a part of this lovely Connecticut show!
lockets made out of compacts and tins
pinback button and thimble necklaces
15 Minutes (left) - Andy Warhol necklace
Though the gallery shut its doors at the end of January, it served as a wonderful place to showcase local art and artists. The following month, CT ArtList opened up a Pop Up Exhibition in the same space. You should swing by because it's open until the end of March! Check back soon for a blog post about that terrific show.

My 2013 show season is starting to take shape. Here is where you can find me so far:

Craftopia - Pawtucket, RI - Sunday, April 28th

Arts Fest Beverly - Beverly, MA - Saturday, June 15th

Greenway Open Market - Boston, MA - summer dates TBD

Visit Twitch and Whiskers on Etsy and FB for new pieces each month.

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