Saturday, February 2, 2013

On the Road - SoWa Holiday Market

The grand finale of my 2012 holiday season was the SoWa Holiday Market in Boston. I couldn't have thought of a better way to end the year. It was my first time participating in the holiday show and the first time it was located at the Benjamin Franklin Institute. Over 65 talented New England vendors were spread throughout the auditorium, hallways, and breezeways of the space and every corner was filled with festive decorations and music. There was a great buzz in the air all day. My morning started off with a visit from friends from school back in CT. They came with smiles and a much needed cup o' joe.
SoWa Holiday Market - December 2012
Benjamin Franklin Institute Auditorium
Judy and Stan Weiss warmed up the day with smiles and coffee.
At the show, I was lucky enough to be near the very talented Ashley Vick of Filomena Demarco Jewelry. Ashley's jewelry takes inspiration from nature and her great grandmother's entrepreneurial spirit. Ashley uses a variety of casting and fabrication techniques to create her unique, sculptural silver and gold pieces with vibrant gemstones. I adored her Structural Collection with Gem Cage pendants and her Mohawk Hammered Earrings were real show stoppers. In addition to creating gorgeous adornments, Ashley teaches metalwork classes at the Worcester Center for Crafts. Visit her website, Facebook page, and Etsy shop to see her collections and to find out where you can see her next. Also, check out her bold new bullet-inspired line called Lead and Smoke.
Ashely Vick of Filomena Demarco and friend Deva
cage pendants
hand crafted beauties from Ashely Vick
Beauty and form meld perfectly together in Elizabeth Benotti's modern ceramics.  Cloud-like swirls, dreamy florals, and southwestern geometric shapes grace her wheel thrown, hand built, and slip cast pieces. There is something very comfy and cozy about the shapes of her mugs, bowls, and cups. Elizabeth's herringbone and chevron patterned pieces were very popular at the show. I was thankful that I grabbed two Arrow Tale bowls for gifts before they sold out (and so were the recipients of the bowls!). In addition to items for the table, Elizabeth offers ornaments, planters, and sculptural clouds. Visit her website, Etsy shop, and blog to learn more about her ceramics and other creative side projects. 
Elizabeth Benotti
whimsical clouds and planters
tea for two
People were definitely in the mood to shop at the SoWa Holiday Market. Though it was the season of giving, a lot of gals were treating themselves to new Twitch and Whiskers necklaces. All of my new multi-strand necklaces made out of 1960's linked bracelets flew off the shelf by the end of the show. Other popular pieces included rouge compact lockets, blinking doll eye necklaces, protractor necklaces, and kitschy pinback button necklaces. All around, it was an amazing day and the proof was in the smiles. You can just see it in the beaming faces of my lovely customers below!
Twitch and Whiskers at SoWa Holiday Market 2012
A Song of Paris - rouge compact necklace
Mouseberry - rouge compact necklace
Beau and Arrow - protractor necklace
Aint I Cute - 1940's pinback button necklace
Aint I Cute
Wiggle 'n' Wink - Ice Capades brooch and brass backplate necklace
Wiggle 'n' Wink
My 2013 schedule is slowly starting to take shape. Here is what I have planned so far. Check back soon for more dates and visit Twitch and Whiskers on Etsy for fabulous new pieces. 

Saturday, February 9th - 4:00 - 7:00 pm - CT ArtList Pop-Up Exhibition - I'm excited to announce that my husband and I will be doing a show together for the first time! The opening will feature 14 local Connecticut artists, Thom's band Burnkit2600, and jewelry from Twitch and Whiskers. We hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 15th - 10:00 - 4:00 pm - Arts Fest Beverly

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  1. Mei-Ling, great blog post! The SoWa Holiday Market is AWESOME, thanks for sharing. Good luck with your show in the blizzard tomorrow!