Monday, May 14, 2012

On the Road - Twist

Every time I do Twist, I feel like I'm going off to crafty summer camp because I get to reunite with so many of my favorite makers after a winter's break from shows. Starting off the day with hugs, hellos, and updates is always a great way to launch a show. Stir in music, a spinning disco ball, delish food, the Noho Pride Parade and Rally, and the creative vibe of Northampton and you have one exciting show. This year it was sleep-away camp for me because I got to stay with Abby Berkson of Abby Berkson Ceramics and her husband Erik. One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing her in-home studio and getting a peek into her creative process.
Twitch and Whiskers at Twist - spring 2012
There's pure magic behind Abby Berkson Ceramics
It was truly a family affair at Twist this year. Chrissy Feiteira of Chrissy Ann Ceramics and Lisa Feiteira of Lisa Marie Style were displaying their gorgeous wares. Chrissy added new vases to her lovely array of ceramics, and Lisa had an exciting variety of jewelry, housewares, and other clever accessories. Crystal Popko's Popkoshop and Ann-Marie Popko of Popko Studio were there in full force. Crystal had everyone aflutter with her vibrant butterfly wing jewelry and shiny Glitter Pop Party Rings. Ann-Marie offered gorgeous photo prints and encaustics at Twist. My favorites items of hers had to be the ones that incorporated old family photographs. She also creates fanciful hair accessories that can be found in her online shop. Behold the Twist'd Sisters!

Chrissy and Lisa of Chrissy Ann Ceramics and Lisa Marie Style
Ann-Marie and Crystal of Ann-Marie Popko Studio and Popkoshop
Twist family members also included fur and feathers. Nicole Monforti of Headcase Press not only brought bold letter press jewelry and clever paper goods, but also had a very special visitor. Her mom had recently found an abandoned kitten in her yard and the four-week-old gray puff ball of joy made a cameo appearance and left with many hearts. And speaking of critters, Steve Nart of Little Birch Farm wins the "Wild Kingdom Award" for pre-show antics.  Steve had to contend with a hungry bear trashing his chicken yard, and ducklings hatching in their incubator just moments from the show. Thankfully he made it to Twist on time and had the relaxing scent of his skin care products to ease away the stress of the morning.
Smitten with Twist's new unofficial mascot
Pre-Twist duck at Little Birch Farm
One of the first things that caught my eye during set up was an acornman pillow. How can you not love an acornman pillow? I'm so glad I got to meet the genius behind the cushion. Heidi Stevens of HaHa Studio spreads cheerful design on all things linen. Springtime sassy tea towels, pillows, and aprons were adorned with flowers, birds, hints of rick rack, and bright embroidered embellishments. Heidi's loving handmade touches make her wares the perfect housewarming, birthday, or whenever gift. Check out her Etsy shop for a fresh selection of natural fiber goods.
Heidi Stevens of HaHa Studio
I dare you not to smile.
There was a monster invasion at Twist. Did you not hear about it? Yumyo! It was Leah Moses and Dave's Twist premiere and they had kids of all ages smiling at their one-eyed Yumyo friends. These brightly hued, squishy fleece creatures came in a variety of sizes. They had weighted bean bottoms that made you wanna both hug 'em and toss 'em. Once you gaze into their hypnotic eye(s) and feel the love of their outstretched arms/flippers, there's no turning back! Get your very own Yumyo on Etsy today!
Leah and Dave of Yumyo
The eyes have it.
The next generation of makers represented at the Crafty Endeavors table. These young craftanistas shared their handmade jewelry, plush creations, and creative wares at Twist. Sponsored by WEBS - America's Yarn Store and mentored by Twist staff members the talented youngsters created and marketed their own wares, sans parents. And to top it off, they donated a portion of their earnings to the Arthritis Foundation in support of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis research. Now that's art with a heart!
Craft Endeavors
Oh so crafty!
A nice variety of Twitch and Whiskers pieces went home with happy customers, including Aurora - a blinking doll eye necklace, and Princess Pat - made from a 1920's rouge compact lid. As always, it was a pleasure meeting so many enthusiastic attendees and hanging out with dozens of creative people for the weekend. Twist happens only twice a year, so definitely make it a destination on your crafty itinerary. It's back in November. Let the countdown begin!
A Mother's Day gift for a very stylish mom!
Aurora - left
Lookin' pretty in Princess Pat
Princess Pat (right)
This weekend you can catch me at Spring Crafts in Chelsea, hosted by the New York Etsy Team and PS11. Find info on their FB event page and the New York Etsy Team page. Click here to see my full spring/summer schedule (more dates may be added).
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