Saturday, February 18, 2012

A New Moon - An Upcycled Necklace for Roni

Roni was the winner of my New Year Scavenger Hunt Contest. For her prize, she wanted me to upcycle a favorite keepsake into a bolder piece. Roni presented me with a petite scrimshaw moon pendant. She rarely wore it because it was too small for her taste. She wanted to add interest to the pendant and display it on a bigger chain.
the original moon pendant on a thin silver chain
I shared a variety of interesting metal components with Roni. After she poked through the filigree stampings, keys, escutcheons, and other hardware, she found a round, silver-tone stamping that she was very happy with. Her moon nested perfectly in the center of the piece. Next, she chose a chain with large loops to compliment the roundness of the pendant.
decisions, decisions
chain choices
the perfect fit
The old bail was removed from the moon and a new bail was fastened to the silver-tone stamping. After a lobster clasp was attached to the chain and the pendant was connected, Roni's new necklace was complete! Just a few small changes turned Roni's old keepsake into an updated piece. Now her keepsake will see the light of day, instead of being worn only once in a blue moon.

a new moon
Roni's necklace in its new phase
If you have a treasured piece of jewelry that you would like to give a second life to, contact me and we can make the magic happen!

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