Sunday, November 6, 2011

Holiday Sneak Preview - All New Pieces!

Words can not describe how excited I am about my new batch of jewelry. I went on create-overdrive to prepare for my first ever holiday craft show season. The pictures below feel like a family album to me because each piece was made with great care, thought, and love. Enjoy this sneak peak!

These bib-style necklaces were constructed out of vintage feather and leaf brooches.

Plumes with a View, Luster in the Leaves, Harvest Glow, and Blustery Blossom
Garden Nymph, Chute the Breeze, and Garland of Eden
 Cars and buckles inspired these fun necklaces.

Pull Up to the Bumper and Taxi Fab
 Old tins and compacts hold little secrets inside.

Time Flies, Oh Deer Oh Deer, and Monkey Business
Bogey Man, Guess Who, and Deadly Intentions
Empressive, Rouge Incarnat,and Point in the Right Direction
Love at First Flight, Bouquet of Promises, and Going Dutch
Mums the Word, Fair Maiden, and Djer Kiss
Mirror Mirror and Blossoming Affections
A Peck on the Chic, Princess Charming, Lone Starlet
Cold Cream de la Creme, I Hear a Symphonie, and A Light Dusting
Lucky Heart, Nu-Glo, and Traveling Salesman
Encharma and Eye-Lash-Ine
 Eye-Lash-Ine's bird and flower diorama is magnified with a monocle.

You never know what you may find: faucet handles, a blinking doll eye, marker caps, a horseshoe magnet, and a bicycle head badge.

Little Genius, Little Hep Cat, Little Dear
Swept Off My Feet and Twinkle in Your Eye
inside of tin and open eye
REcap Bracelets: Holly Jolly and Your Inner Elf - Necklace: You Take the Fruitcake
Anchors Aweigh and Apollo Cycle
 And protractors! Why not?

Leaps and Bounds, No Peking, and Cadence in the Meadow
Cottontail Kisses, I Heart Whales, Foal of Life
To see these one-of-a-kind creations in person, visit me at one of my upcoming shows. You can view the schedule here.

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  1. Wow, you've been busy! Beautiful pieces Mei-Ling! See you on Friday at Twist!