Monday, September 5, 2011

Best of Both Worlds

It's back to school eve. Tomorrow, twenty-one new faces will be walking through the door of my second grade classroom. I can practically smell the fresh boxes of crayons and feel the excitement in the air! Today, I fondly look back at a summer like no other. For the first time, I put most of my energy into designing, creating, and selling my jewelry. I experienced the highs, lows, and in-betweens of being on the road and doing outdoor shows. I met many inspiring artists/designers/crafters and made new friends. I enjoyed documenting my adventures on the road and in the studio through this blog. I felt such a range of emotions from the vulnerability of sharing my creations to the elation of a sale to a happy customer. It was a full summer indeed!
summer works in progress = fall possibilities
Though my summer vacation is almost behind me, I am determined to keep the creative momentum going. Thankfully, being a school teacher allows me to experience all that I love in life. I can pursue my passion for teaching during the school year and create on the weekends and during vacations. I often find that teaching and creating compliment each other in the best ways and the two worlds can definitely cross over. My favorite example is my REcap bracelets, created out of discarded marker caps from my students. Being surrounded by energetic seven year olds provides endless inspiration and having a creative outlet outside of school keeps me energized.

REcap bracelets
I am a lucky duck because I really do experience the best of both worlds. With a full school year ahead, holiday craft shows just around the corner, and new creative priorities, I know this upcoming year will be about striking a balance for me. I'm definitely up for the challenge and can't wait to see what the the future holds!

the perfect balance
You can find me on Etsy and at my upcoming shows (more dates to follow).

November 11 & 12 -  Twist 7 - Holiday Fair - Northampton, MA

November 19 - The Wellesley Marketplace - Holiday Craft Festival - Wellesley, MA

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