Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to Twitch and Whiskers!

Hello! My name is Mei-Ling and I love to create:
things out of things
stuff out of stuff
and junk out of junk.

I'm an upcycler, reuser, repurposer, reassembler, and jewelry maker. I like to dabble with unusual items that many toss out, overlook, or ignore. Color and humor inspire me most.
I have always been considered a creative person, but was a bit timid about putting my wares out there for folks to see.  About a year ago, after mentoring from a friend and encouragement from everyone, I took the leap and here I am! I gathered up all my hoarded materials, broke out the drill n' pliers, and got to work.
I named this blog after my Etsy shop: Twitch and Whiskers. Why the name? Find a cat. Put the cat in front of a window where there's a bird and watch instincts take over.

That's exactly how I feel when I find an object that speaks to me (plus I think it's pretty darn funny).

This past year has been a real learning experience for me and the biggest lesson I've learned is:

The world is a much happier place when people combine their  
That's why I started this blog. In my "dream blog world," I would love this to be a place to share ideas, collaborate, and get/give inspiration. I will share with you my goods, creative process, and many inspirations and hope to hear about yours. I feel like I've just gotten started with my creative journey. I have lots to learn and share and am glad you came along for the ride!


  1. You know I think you're awesome, right? I love that you're blogging now. Keep us posted on facebook, 'kay?